Friday, March 5, 2010

The Alone(ex-Høst)

While checking in on old favorites, I discovered that the main man behind Høst(or Hennes Siste Høst) has joined a new band with members of Twlight, the Atlas Moth, and Samothrace. They're called The Alone, and so far they only seem to have a rough recording of one song, though a proper recording is promised in April. Unfortunately, their song is only up at their facebook page, not their myspace page, so you can hear the untitled jam here. The Alone sounds similar to the work of Neige, with a heavy post-punk/darkwave vibe. Zander's paint-stripping black metal vocals are instantly recognizable, however, lending it a more ferocious vibe than Amesoeurs. I'm excited to see where these guys go, and will be keeping a close eye on their web presence.

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