Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Cassettes - 43% Burnt

File this under shit I never thought would work: An acoustic steampunk version of the seminal tech-metal masterpiece "43% Burnt"(Originally by the Dillinger Escape Plan). It works fantastically, though, and is well worth your time. The Cassettes are a four-piece from DC, lead by the lead singer of Frodus, Shelby Cinca. Christina Frances provides the female vocals, but is not strictly part of the band.

The cover comes from their recent digital release of " Writing Analog Letters (A Collection)". It's a bunch of odds and ends from their career, mostly leftovers from their first album "'Neath The Pale Moon". You can stream all of their releases at their bandcamp. Each release is only $5 for high-quality MP3s or FLACs.

disclosure: I found out about this from BrooklynVegan.

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