Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Music from Wormed, Trap Them, imadethismistake, and Starkweather

It's been an exciting couple of days. Here are some new songs for you!

Wormed have just released their first songs in seven years. Wormed is a grind/death metal band from Spain that boasts the distinction of the most inhuman growled vocals I've ever heard. The two songs on display on this CD/Digital single provide a marriage between Gorguts-style technical death metal and grindcore's brutality with again, the most terrifying growled vocals ever. The recording quality is better than their earlier work, providing a clearer look at the gears at work in these war-constructions. Brutal. You can hear the two songs at their website, or here.

Trap Them posted a new song from their upcoming release for Southern Lord Records on their myspace. It's called "Carnage Incarnate", and sounds as furious and pissed off as anything on "Seizures In Barren Praise." The guitar riffs recall "Guignol Serene" off that same album, squirming and writhing across the pounding bass and drums. Ryan Mckenney is the angriest man alive, his vitriol pours out your speakers and oozes like the malevolent cousin of that shit from Ghostbusters 2. I'm really looking forward to this EP.

imadethismistake is gearing up to release a new album this year entitled "bows and arrows". they've released a music video showcasing "Billboards", one of the songs from said release. It's a more aggressive version of the sort of "Midwest by way of Gainsville" sound they had, with some shouted gang vocals. you can check it out here, and they have another song called "Stateside" posted on their myspace. If you're looking for more songs check out the recent article about imadethismistake at the 1st Five. They posted side A from their recent "Different Ghosts" cassette tape.

The new track Starkweather posted might be the most exciting thing here, though. Starkweather's last release, "Croation" was a fucking masterpiece, and I was on edge, waiting to see if they'd be able to follow it up. "Broken From Inside" entirely relieves me of that tension. The song is chilling, evoking with equal measures Celtic Frost and Converge, with bits of Integrity and Swans floating on the rim(Despite the use of guideposts, I must emphasize that at all times, Starkweather sounds like fuckin' Starkweather. I'm just trying to map out, to roughly outline their sound for those unfamiliar.) Eternal winter conceptualized, and poured out in nine minutes time. Deathwish is releasing this beast, and I am so so so excited.

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