Friday, April 30, 2010

Various Artists - Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook

I was talking to a friend of mine at work yesterday. Normally we talk about scuzzy punk rock, and low-fi black metal, and yesterday he broached the topic of indie-pop. I fucking love indie-pop(c86, sarah records, k records, all of it) so much, and I brought up Tullycraft as my favorite example of indie-pop or twee or whatever you want to call it. They're currently inactive as a band, though two of the members still play together as The Special Places(They have have a cover of "Enter Sandman" on youtube, and it is goshdarn adorable. Watch it here.)

Back to Tullycraft. While they are inactive currently, a gentleman named Lee Grutman is currently in the process of creating a tribute album, assembling some of the best in the current indie-pop scene. I'm swooning to the idea of Fishboy and Math and Physics Club playing Tullycraft songs. He's got a Kickstarter page up, and they're only $90 away from making this happen. Check it out here. Donate! Tribute albums are great for mix tapes.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Luck - Demonstration 2010

I let out an inadvertent squeal of glee when I discovered this EP existed. Good Luck is one of my favorite current bands, and I knew they were working on new stuff, but I didn't expect it to be out so soon. I also am glad to report I am not let down in the slightest.

God, this band is just so amazing. They don't deviate tremendously from the sound established on their full-length(Into Lake Griffy), but this is not a band treading water, either. Two loud songs, two soft songs, two songs sung by Matty, two songs sung by Ginger, three originals, one Prince cover. I would argue the two soft songs show a side of Good Luck we haven't really seen before, where urgency isn't sacrificed for dynamics. The lovely noodly guitar playing is still intact, and Ginger's powerful bass playing is just as impressive as it's been before. This is absolutely perfect summer music, for porches and bike rides and picnics.

The EP can be picked up at their shows, or digitally here. It's a pay as you like download.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Nachos - Bleed

Weekend Nachos has just posted the title track from their upcoming EP on their myspace. It'll be coming out on Relapse Records, and man, this track seems like a pretty big stylistic shift for the band. The first two minutes are slooooow sludge, and then the band kicks into a different gear, but still, doesn't seem as fast as most of their grindy early work, settling instead for almost a moshy NYHC tempo, much like songs from "Unforgivable". The song kicks back into doom/sludge territory near the end, channeling Khanate or something. The whole thing is 7 minutes long. I'm interested to hear the rest of the EP, but it seems like a pretty big departure.

Lemuria signs to Bridge Nine Records

You can read more about it here. I think it's a rad move on both their parts. Lemuria gets a little more label-oomph behind them, and Bridge Nine signs a band that I don't hate. I also think this means Lemuria and Agnostic Front should tour together. The article also mentions that Lemuria is apparently recording their next album with J. Robbins, which is exciting news.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

S - I'm Not As Good At It As You

Finally! For sale here. Listen to the whole album here.

I fucking adore this album. Jenn Ghetto plays sparse, painfully fragile songs based around shimmery guitar, and layered vocals. Her simple words are often transformed into indicators of tremendous emotional stress, heavy weights almost too much to bear. "This is Love" is perhaps my favorite example of this, utilizing both repetition and stream of consciousness to achieve a sort of intense desperation. The song opens slowly with a slow guitar solo, and then becomes a galloping rush, Jenn spitting out words as quickly as she can. She slows down only for the parts that are repeated, which sound like she's trying to convince both herself, and the subject of the song. The stream of consciousness parts only enhance the unstable ground the narrator finds herself on. "We should take off all our clothes, I'm sure you're the one for me," comes off as drunk recklessness, a last ditch effort to try to avoid the tawdry reality of the situation. A one-night stand becomes a settlement of sorts, even as the narrator attempts to convince herself that it has the potential for something more, something beautiful. The subtle use of music to enhance the subject matter of her songs is what really elevates Jenn Ghetto. "Through It All" for instance, repeats the title over and over, each time in a higher register, culminating in a lovely falsetto. When Jenn hits that last "through it all" the fragile nature of her hope is a physical thing. It is a fragile hope, but hope none the less. It's telling that while most of the album is unflichingly about human weakness, about the shitty ways people act, this song offers a tenuous light in the midst of so much darkness.

S has created a beautiful, ghost-like album, and I most strongly encourage you all to buy it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Justin Townes Earle - Atlantic City

Justin Townes Earle covering Bruce Springsteen? Sign me the fuck up. As covers go, it's fairly faithful, but it's still neat to hear one of my current favorites sing a song that I love a whole bunch. This is part of the A.V. Club's cover songs project. Ted Leo, Cursive, the Alkaline Trio and others have already contributed, I'm excited to see who else they rope in.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Feel and Create In New Ways

Just wow.

EDIT: I am less impressed with these since I have learned that most of these are not actually chiptune covers, but more midi conversions of pre-existing guitar tabs. I don't know exactly how these two were made, but apparently most of the YouTube "8-bit metal covers" are created by converting tabs. Bummer. I was all excited that there were chiptune nerds releasing metal covers.

Deathwish Inc - MMX Spring Sampler

Deathwish Inc has put out their spring sampler, and you can download it here. It contains new music from Integrity, Starkweather, Killing the Dream, Narrows, and shit-tons of other awesome bands. From a brief perusal, I can tell you that pretty much everything on here rules, with tremendous status being awarded to the "Let's out Hope Con the Hope Con"-style Narrows track, the venom filled song Killing the Dream contributed, and the wonderfully disturbed nine-minute long Starkweather piece.

Gods and Queens - Untitled #2

Gods and Queens are in the process of releasing a new EP, which is exciting. It's currently up for streaming here. Sons Of Vesta is releasing it on a one-sided 12-inch with screen-printing on the other side. Sons of Vesta is an Italian based label, so expect this to cost more than you'd like.

For those not familiar, Gods and Queens is the latest project from a Mr. Jamie Getz(formerly of lickgoldensky). They play noisy post-hardcore, and on this release display a tendency towards the unsettling. "Untitled 10" is my favorite, with the lurching guitar, and the way Jaime switches between a croon and a howl at the drop of a hat. The whole album evokes that sort of creepy breed of post-punk/indie rock that the 90's birthed, but definitely isn't just a love-letter to older music, this is original and interesting. I'm glad to see they're still active. Aimee Collet Argote of Des Ark provides additional vocals and guitar.

Gods and Queens put out a full-length about two years ago on Robotic Empire that is also worth your time and dollars. I picked it up for $5 a little bit ago, with some searching, I can't imagine you'd have to pay much more than that either.

Jamie Getz also fucking LOVES ultra-violent wrestling. I had an long e-mail conversation with him about it, with hopes of publishing it in my zine, but we never finished it. Definitely knows his shit, though, even though we disagree on a lot(I'm much more of a BJPW guy, he rocks the CZW, different strokes for different folks).

Friday, April 9, 2010

Best news of 2010?

Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Andrew WK - My Destiny

In other Andrew WK news here's a song he supposedly wrote when he was 17, and overwhelmingly in love with a girl. After hearing this song, she filled a restraining order. I'm not entirely surprised, since it's creepy as fuck. I would be surprised if it actually is a song from when he's 17, since his voice sounds exactly like it does now. Another mysterious mystery from Mr. WK.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Andrew WK - I'm a Vagabond

I think this is better than most of the tracks I've heard from the new Hold Steady album.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bird from the Abyss - II

In an order from Deathsmile Records, I found a strange envelope containing a booklet with strange rune-like markings, and a cd. According to the cover, I was now in possession of an album entitled "II" by a group called Bird from the Abyss. Upon doing a little bit of internet research, I've discovered that Bird from the Abyss is a one man "anti-band"(his words, not mine.) from Finland. Upon listening, I was pleasantly surprised that Bird from the Abyss was not yet another black/drone hybrid, but instead of strange combination of Egyptian/Middle-Eastern music with distorted guitar chord-doom floating in and out. Some of Neil Young's more out-there electric guitar experiments might not be a bad reference point for some of the sounds on here, though with a definite bent towards conjuring an Egyptian ritualistic atmosphere. I am very intrigued by this release, and I"m excited to see where this fellow goes next. He just posted a new song up at his myspace, which is also worth your ear-time.

If you're interested in checking the whole album out, you can stream it here. His first EP is available for free download here. You can purchase this album for $4.50 from the Starlight Temple Society here.

A839 Recordings Sampler

A389 Recordings just released their 2010 sampler, giving us crazed fucks a sneak peak at some of their planned releases. Let's run down who's got new music on here: Integrity, Roses Never Fade, Triac, Gehenna, and Pala. ALSO a live track from the A389 Recordings epic party thing they held in January where Pulling Teeth acted as the backing band for Canada's best export, THOR. Yeah, you need this. A389 is pretty much the go-to label for holy terror hardcore heads, but they release a bunch of wicked stuff, and not all of it is Integrity worship. They also get major props for making their releases special, be it with neat pre-order bonuses, or simply just immaculate attention to detail. Definitely check this out.

To download, go here and enter the code: A3892010

Laura Stevenson and the Cans - A Record

Two months ago we mentioned that "A Record" was finally getting released on vinyl. Update: It's out. Go fucking buy it. If you're still a scummy poor person who can't afford health care and wants the government/record lablels to give them handouts, you can STILL download "A Record" here.(Note: I support the health care reform, and do not support people who says things like I just said. Fuck selfishness and apathy.) Honestly, though you should pick this album up on vinyl. Laura's music is essential, and music is meant to be listened to away from your computer, meant to be interacted with. Her songs are too good to be background noise, to take up the air while you're playing Peggle Nights for the ten thousandth time. It's ten fucking dollars, and comes with bonus tracks! BONUS TRACKS.

She also has a new seven inch available from Mandible Records. Pick it up here. It's $5, postage fucking paid. Punk rock rules, right?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Story of the Eye.

Tune in, tune out. Wreck your neck, wreck your ears. Check out the double Chicago dates. Fuck yes.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Have a Nice Life - Time of Land

We've spoken previously about Have a Nice Life. They were supposed to play a tour with Alcest, it didn't happen, my hopes and dreams were crushed, life continued on. They recently played their first show ever, and sold a limited edition ep on cassette tape. Luckily for those of us who don't live in New York City, they have also released it as a free digital download. For those not familiar with the band, Have a Nice Life straddles the line between no-wave/post-punk, drone, and black metal. Essentially, imagine a more depressing, more drawn out Joy Division, and you're somewhere in the area. I think they're fucking brilliant.

Download here. Fuck summer.