Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A839 Recordings Sampler

A389 Recordings just released their 2010 sampler, giving us crazed fucks a sneak peak at some of their planned releases. Let's run down who's got new music on here: Integrity, Roses Never Fade, Triac, Gehenna, and Pala. ALSO a live track from the A389 Recordings epic party thing they held in January where Pulling Teeth acted as the backing band for Canada's best export, THOR. Yeah, you need this. A389 is pretty much the go-to label for holy terror hardcore heads, but they release a bunch of wicked stuff, and not all of it is Integrity worship. They also get major props for making their releases special, be it with neat pre-order bonuses, or simply just immaculate attention to detail. Definitely check this out.

To download, go here and enter the code: A3892010

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