Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bird from the Abyss - II

In an order from Deathsmile Records, I found a strange envelope containing a booklet with strange rune-like markings, and a cd. According to the cover, I was now in possession of an album entitled "II" by a group called Bird from the Abyss. Upon doing a little bit of internet research, I've discovered that Bird from the Abyss is a one man "anti-band"(his words, not mine.) from Finland. Upon listening, I was pleasantly surprised that Bird from the Abyss was not yet another black/drone hybrid, but instead of strange combination of Egyptian/Middle-Eastern music with distorted guitar chord-doom floating in and out. Some of Neil Young's more out-there electric guitar experiments might not be a bad reference point for some of the sounds on here, though with a definite bent towards conjuring an Egyptian ritualistic atmosphere. I am very intrigued by this release, and I"m excited to see where this fellow goes next. He just posted a new song up at his myspace, which is also worth your ear-time.

If you're interested in checking the whole album out, you can stream it here. His first EP is available for free download here. You can purchase this album for $4.50 from the Starlight Temple Society here.