Monday, April 12, 2010

Gods and Queens - Untitled #2

Gods and Queens are in the process of releasing a new EP, which is exciting. It's currently up for streaming here. Sons Of Vesta is releasing it on a one-sided 12-inch with screen-printing on the other side. Sons of Vesta is an Italian based label, so expect this to cost more than you'd like.

For those not familiar, Gods and Queens is the latest project from a Mr. Jamie Getz(formerly of lickgoldensky). They play noisy post-hardcore, and on this release display a tendency towards the unsettling. "Untitled 10" is my favorite, with the lurching guitar, and the way Jaime switches between a croon and a howl at the drop of a hat. The whole album evokes that sort of creepy breed of post-punk/indie rock that the 90's birthed, but definitely isn't just a love-letter to older music, this is original and interesting. I'm glad to see they're still active. Aimee Collet Argote of Des Ark provides additional vocals and guitar.

Gods and Queens put out a full-length about two years ago on Robotic Empire that is also worth your time and dollars. I picked it up for $5 a little bit ago, with some searching, I can't imagine you'd have to pay much more than that either.

Jamie Getz also fucking LOVES ultra-violent wrestling. I had an long e-mail conversation with him about it, with hopes of publishing it in my zine, but we never finished it. Definitely knows his shit, though, even though we disagree on a lot(I'm much more of a BJPW guy, he rocks the CZW, different strokes for different folks).

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