Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Luck - Demonstration 2010

I let out an inadvertent squeal of glee when I discovered this EP existed. Good Luck is one of my favorite current bands, and I knew they were working on new stuff, but I didn't expect it to be out so soon. I also am glad to report I am not let down in the slightest.

God, this band is just so amazing. They don't deviate tremendously from the sound established on their full-length(Into Lake Griffy), but this is not a band treading water, either. Two loud songs, two soft songs, two songs sung by Matty, two songs sung by Ginger, three originals, one Prince cover. I would argue the two soft songs show a side of Good Luck we haven't really seen before, where urgency isn't sacrificed for dynamics. The lovely noodly guitar playing is still intact, and Ginger's powerful bass playing is just as impressive as it's been before. This is absolutely perfect summer music, for porches and bike rides and picnics.

The EP can be picked up at their shows, or digitally here. It's a pay as you like download.

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