Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laura Stevenson and the Cans - A Record

Two months ago we mentioned that "A Record" was finally getting released on vinyl. Update: It's out. Go fucking buy it. If you're still a scummy poor person who can't afford health care and wants the government/record lablels to give them handouts, you can STILL download "A Record" here.(Note: I support the health care reform, and do not support people who says things like I just said. Fuck selfishness and apathy.) Honestly, though you should pick this album up on vinyl. Laura's music is essential, and music is meant to be listened to away from your computer, meant to be interacted with. Her songs are too good to be background noise, to take up the air while you're playing Peggle Nights for the ten thousandth time. It's ten fucking dollars, and comes with bonus tracks! BONUS TRACKS.

She also has a new seven inch available from Mandible Records. Pick it up here. It's $5, postage fucking paid. Punk rock rules, right?

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