Wednesday, April 14, 2010

S - I'm Not As Good At It As You

Finally! For sale here. Listen to the whole album here.

I fucking adore this album. Jenn Ghetto plays sparse, painfully fragile songs based around shimmery guitar, and layered vocals. Her simple words are often transformed into indicators of tremendous emotional stress, heavy weights almost too much to bear. "This is Love" is perhaps my favorite example of this, utilizing both repetition and stream of consciousness to achieve a sort of intense desperation. The song opens slowly with a slow guitar solo, and then becomes a galloping rush, Jenn spitting out words as quickly as she can. She slows down only for the parts that are repeated, which sound like she's trying to convince both herself, and the subject of the song. The stream of consciousness parts only enhance the unstable ground the narrator finds herself on. "We should take off all our clothes, I'm sure you're the one for me," comes off as drunk recklessness, a last ditch effort to try to avoid the tawdry reality of the situation. A one-night stand becomes a settlement of sorts, even as the narrator attempts to convince herself that it has the potential for something more, something beautiful. The subtle use of music to enhance the subject matter of her songs is what really elevates Jenn Ghetto. "Through It All" for instance, repeats the title over and over, each time in a higher register, culminating in a lovely falsetto. When Jenn hits that last "through it all" the fragile nature of her hope is a physical thing. It is a fragile hope, but hope none the less. It's telling that while most of the album is unflichingly about human weakness, about the shitty ways people act, this song offers a tenuous light in the midst of so much darkness.

S has created a beautiful, ghost-like album, and I most strongly encourage you all to buy it.

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