Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Nachos - Bleed

Weekend Nachos has just posted the title track from their upcoming EP on their myspace. It'll be coming out on Relapse Records, and man, this track seems like a pretty big stylistic shift for the band. The first two minutes are slooooow sludge, and then the band kicks into a different gear, but still, doesn't seem as fast as most of their grindy early work, settling instead for almost a moshy NYHC tempo, much like songs from "Unforgivable". The song kicks back into doom/sludge territory near the end, channeling Khanate or something. The whole thing is 7 minutes long. I'm interested to hear the rest of the EP, but it seems like a pretty big departure.


alcatrazmetaphors said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with a big departure, Weekend Nachos dont really do anything besides kill shit. And This song is nothing fucking short of amazing. Sludge is back.

Anonymous said...
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edfnblair said...

i suppose my tone was a little negative. i am sincerely interested to see where they're headed, and to hear this EP. it just seems a little abrupt, i guess?