Sunday, May 30, 2010

MDF Day 1

This is going to be brief, I am exhausted and mostly just killing time until my co-travelers wake up. I really really want to shower, and one of them is sleeping next to the bathroom. Such are the sacrifices we've made.

Day One:
The Communion opened, and played a tremendous set. One of their guitarists recently passed, and the emotion(not to be crass) was palpable.
Putrescence was unremarkable, though their singer was entertaining.
Defeatist were furious. Their sound mix was muddy, which was upsetting, but not deal-breaking.
Tombs was solid, but didn't impress me overly. I don't care for them on record, so perhaps that was a large factor in my enjoyment.
Nazxul was quite enjoyable, playing a blistering set of symphonic black metal that suffered from some sound problems, but overcame it with rage and theatrics. The sound resolved as the set when on, and near the end, they were unfuckablewith.
Jesus Crost was tremendous. They are a two person grind band from the Netherlands, and they are incredible. They had an absolutely huge sound for only two people, and they were very very tight. They also had huge infectious smiles in their faces, and at one point, the drummer used his sticks to make an inverted cross. I really enjoyed this.
Malignancy was fun, but played on the worst stage. The side stage is at the top of a hill, and has shitty sound. The singer's stage banter was great.
I caught a little bit of Watain, but it was so crowded I couldn't see a thing. What I heard wasn't that impressive.
Gorguts was mighty, and crushed any of my doubts. Colin looked like he was having the most fun ever.
Gride was fun enough, but a hard transition after the technicality of Gorguts.
Coffins was too crowded to see anything, and the music didn't grab me, though I do enjoy them on record. We jetted after a couple songs and then went back to crash. Exhausting day.

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