Monday, May 17, 2010

a song for dio

Last night, The Mountain Goats played a solo set at the American Theater Company in Chicago, and I was luckily able to attend. It was a tremendous show. Robbie Fulks opened, and he was funny, and amazingly talented on guitar. He's currently playing every Monday at the Hideout, and I think you all should go. His soloing reminded me of Leo Kottke, and his songs were bitter, and biting, and raucous country tunes. John from the Mountain Goats came on afterwards, and proceeded to play pretty much every song I wanted to hear. He played two songs from the new album, and everything else was from "The Sunset Tree" and before. I've embedded two songs from the recording I made last night. I apologize for the sub-par quality, I used a tiny mp3 player's microphone. It really was a one-of-a-kind show.

Set-list(stolen from therainechild over at the Mountain Goats forums):

I've Got the Sex
Have To Explode
Alpha Incipiens
From TG&Y
The Boys are Back in Town
Grendel's Mother
Matthew 25:21
Love, Love, Love
Going to Georgia
Dance Music
Part of "World's Greatest"
Going to Maine
Color in Your Cheeks
Alpha Negative
Tulsa Imperative (A close friend requested this, and I am beyond glad he played it.)
Up the Wolves
Against Pollution
The Sign
This Year

New Song
John 4:16
Cubs in Five
Rainbow in the Dark(in memory of Ronnie James Dio)
Golden Boy
Twin Human Highway Flares
Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton

The Mountain Goats - From TG&Y(live)

The Mountain Goats - Rainbow in the Dark(Dio cover)

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