Friday, June 18, 2010

MDF Day 3

Sorry this has taken so long.  I've been swamped with work lately, and a couple of personal issues I won't bore you with.

Sunday was the day I fell in love with MDF.  I felt energized almost the entire day, pumped up by the tremendous amount of awesome metal that happened.

We showed up in time to catch one song of Surroundings, who sounded good enough, but not exciting enough to be super bummed about missing the rest of their set.  Krallice played outside, and sounded pretty good, but couldn't match the sound they conjured up last year.  I'm sure part of this was due to them playing on the crappy uphill stage.  Gorod was the next band I remember(they took the set times off the MDF site, so I'm super doing this from memory) and they were fun as fuck. Their Necrophagist-style tech-death metal came across really well, despite only being able to hear one guitar, and they were pretty energetic for playing in the harsh sunlight.  I think Grindlink was next, and they were fucking mindblowing.  They played all of their new cd "Orphans", and goddamn, did they destroy.  Jon Chang was manic, jumping and shrieking and shaking.

Here's where my temporal sense gets hazy.

I remember watching a bit of Pentagram, and enjoying it, but not being blown away.  I remember going to the convenience store and coming out right as Eyehategod started playing.  They sounded so fucking good from behind the stage that I braved the torturous sun(It was right at the perfect level to obscure your vision) to watch them.  Filth oozed from their amps, and Mike Williams was as caustic as you'd dream of.  Brilliant set.  They'll be playing the Empty Bottle this weekend with Nachtmystium.  You should go.  I remember watching part of N2002 and enjoying it, though there were guitar issues.  I remember Captain Cleanoff being furious and fast.  I remember Black Breath being fun as fuck, even if the singer seems a little full of himself.  I remember watching part of Entombed from all the way in the back and being kind of bored. 

I know Converge was the last band we saw, and I remember being thrown across the pit by a fat dude.  Converge played a incendiary set, focusing mostly on songs from their new album.  They were fantastic.  The grump in me wishes they had played some older stuff, but that's not too big of a complaint.

I could not tell you anything about bands we only watched one song from or bands we sat in the grass for.  If I didn't mention them, we didn't see them. 

MDF was great, and then we drove home, and then I was sick for a week and a half.  Shit takes it's toll, believe me.  Good times, though.  Good times.

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