Wednesday, June 9, 2010

white whale, holy grail

I have been searching for the self-titled Portrait 10-inch almost since I started buying records(almost ten years, at this point). In freshmen year of high school, I got desperately into Saetia, and through them, Portrait. Portrait played an extremely emotive style of hardcore, dealing mostly with interpersonal relationships. Their most distinctive characteristic was their use of a viola player. Beauty in the chaos. I found their last seven-inch at my local record store(Bull Moose in Salem, NH) and played the shit of it. It's still one of my favorite records that I own. The 10-in commanded impressive prices on the 'Bay when I was in high school, and so I resigned myself to never owning a copy.

Today I went down to Reckless Records(Wicker Park branch) to pick up a used copy of "Cold Blue" by the Hope Conspiracy. As I poked through the used records, I saw this staring back at me. I quickly glanced at the back, saw the song titles I hoped to see, and now I own a record I never thought I'd own. Fuck yes.

Here's a live clip from YouTube.

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