Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mythos and Maps

A while ago I stumbled across a Google map, exhaustively notated with every place John Darnielle has ever mentioned in a song(minus the Moon, I think). The Mountain Goats effortlessly conjure places both exotic and mundane, and seeing them all laid out in front of you is thrilling.

Place plays a huge part in Bruce Springsteen's work as well, but he conjures his own universe, one were "guitars flash like switchblades", and everyone knows who the Chicken Man is. The Mountain Goats ground their struggles in strange names, familiar places, and Bruce writes of the New Jersey that should be.

Here's your guide to that place.

Now someone just needs to map the Hold Steady.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robyn - Hang With Me

Eek! New single from Body Talk Pt. II!

Real talk:

This is fantastic. Yes, it is a re-working of the acoustic song from Body Talk Pt. I. I love this too much to complain about not getting an entirely new song. The shimmering synths, the upbeat chorus, the way that the song fucking burns into your brain after one listen... Good god. Between Robyn and Janelle Monae, this has been a fucking great year for pop music.

Speaking of Miss Monae, surely you remember her transcedent Letterman performance? Yeah, Robyn just did one of those too.

God, she's so fucking good.

News stolen from Pitchfork, opinions are mine.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Planes Mistaken for Stars reunion show?

Seems that way.

This isn't their first reunion(they played a three song set at the Fest last year), but still, this is exciting news. One more chance for a last dance.

I've got no more details, I just noticed this browsing through Sub-T's site, and can't find anything about it on No Idea's site, or on PMFS's myspace.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I am going to the Pitchfork Music Festival for exactly one reason:

I am so excited. I will be joined by Wilde.Dash from Pop Candy Arcade, and we are going to have so much fun. El-P and Liars should be good times, too. Sunscreen ahoy!

This is a good time to mention that if you're not listening to "Body Talk pt. 1", you're a fool.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

redwing blackbird

Redwing Blackbird are from New Hampshire, which immediately endears them to my heart. They play gentle and beautiful folk music, which also immediately endears them to my heart. They've just released a new album, "That River Skinned a Bear", and the songs on their myspace are enchanting. The clear standout is "Argentina", and the live version above is absolutely amazing.

Redwing Blackbird will be playing two Chicago shows this Friday, the 17th.

5 PM show is at 1037 N. Damen, apt 3.

9 PM show is at the Ottoman Empire. I will hopefully be at this one.