Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cap'n Jazz - Live at Wicker Park Fest

I was lucky enough to have two chances to catch Cap'n Jazz on their reunion tour this summer. The first time was at a sold-out Bottom Lounge, with Tounges(the worst band I've seen in a very long time), and Gauge opening. It was great to hear those songs finally, but the set went a little too long, and I was slightly cranky from the heat and the close quarters.

Their set at Wicker Park Fest solved all my minor quibbles, and in doing so, was one of the best shows I've seen in a long while. It was a lovely night, and Cap'n Jazz was just on top of their game. Each new song was greeted with cheers, and when I looked around, everyone was singing along. There was more dancing than standing still, and the night air was cool enough to keep everyone from being drenched in sweat. The set ended up being about 45 minutes, and they ran through "Basil's Kite", "Ooh Do I Love You", "Oh Messy Life", their cover of "Take on Me", and a number of other songs from their expansive catalog. Great night.

In other Cap'n Jazz reading, The Reader has a great interview with Tim Kinsella about his feelings on this tour.

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