Sunday, September 19, 2010

Metric w/Brie Larson - Black Sheep

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I was very impressed by the Scott Pilgrim movie adaptation's use of music, showcasing long running Canadian indie bands(Broken Social Scene, Metric), having the actors perform the music, and the way the music amplified the storytelling already present within the film.  Let's look closely at "Black Sheep" by Metric/The Clash at Demonhead as an example of this.

"Black Sheep" is a song designed to showcase Envy(Brie Larson) and also, subtly, Todd's(Superman) bass playing. Brie gets a breathy and sexy vocal line, Brandon(Superman's real name) gets a swaggering and dominant bass line. The Franz Ferdinand-ish bass line anchors the song, while the vocal line soars above.

Envy's played up as a threat to Scott and Ramona, but like the song, Envy's mostly window-dressing to Todd's muscle. I like that the bass line is simple, but commands attention. It's not overly flashy, but it's confident and undeniable as the main focus of the song. 

I'll also be honest, I think Brie's vocal performance might trump the Metric version that's actually on the soundtrack. The subtle electronic effects are awesome as all get out, and I think there's some slight emotional edge to the movie's version.  You can hear it at the link above. 

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World is in theaters now.

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