Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Mountain Goats w/Kimya Dawson - Attention All Pickpockets/The Best Ever Death Metal Band out of Denton

I've always loved Kimya Dawson's soft, sweet vocals on "Attention All Pickpockets", and it's lovely to see her perform them live. Her addition to the end of "Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton" is charming and wonderful, and I shan't spoil it.

I asked the singer of Fishboy what the best ever death metal band out of Denton was, and he was only able to come up with some doom metal bands. We're now at the point where web-searching Denton death metal only comes up with this song. However, thanks to the obsessive weirdos behind the Encyclopaedia Metallum, we learn that there are a couple of recent contenders. Let's break it down:

Wrought of Obsidian
: These folks actually have two Encyclopaedia Metallum articles, as they used to go by Hyperion. They've got a new album out, and share a drummer with Devourment. They play polished death metal with a heavy melodic edge. It's not terrible, but I'm not impressed. There's no oopmh in the recording, no fire. Next!

The Cauldron Born: Man, I was so stoked for this based on the picture in the EM article! One man death/black metal band in sweatpants! Fuck yes! Unfortunately, there are some problems here. The myspace has the dude's location as Crosby, Texas. Disqualified!   However, this is actually some pretty ripping melo-death.  Minus points for the drum machine, major fucking bonus points for the furious vocals and the sweet meedly-meedly guitar riffs.  I'm actually really digging this right now.

Descendant: Holy shit. 'STACHE. Nothing else to see here.

Resigned to Fate: This is actually kind of rad! These guys remind me a lot of If Hope Dies or early All That Remains mixed with a bit of Creation is Crucifixion. Resigned to Fate plays the same sort of melodic metalcore that used to be huge in Massachusetts right before everyone decided to add over-produced clean singing. They mix it up a bit by adding some black metal-styled tremolo parts, and I'm digging this. This makes sense, since they share two members with Forever Mourne, a black metal band from Denton.  Not strictly death metal in the sense I was hoping, but hey, EM called this crust/thrash which is significantly more off the mark, so I'll allow it.

Rhome: Rhome is certainly the most brutal metal band out of Denton. Their vocalist switches between a piggish gurgle and a high-pitched screech while the band grinds competently behind him. Weirdly enough, this only applies to the first two tracks on the myspace. The rest sound like an entirely different, and much worse band. 

Overall, I'm thinking that Resigned to Fate might be the best band from ACTUAL Denton I've heard doing this short experiment. I really wanted to discover some filthy OSDM, but unfortunately, it looks like Denton is/was a hotbed of shitty melodeath worship. Resigned To Fate, good job! The Cauldron Born comes in at second, only because they appear to no longer really be from Denton anymore. Dude shreds.

Hail Satan.

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