Friday, October 8, 2010

The Copyrights - Planet Earth Nineteen Ninety Four

1994, fucked up on Listerine
Smoked anything we got our hands on
Loved anyone we got our lips on
Made excuses to not like anything
But we wore the world out anyway

A friend of mine is getting married tomorrow. I'm standing up on his side. I just got a promotion, and am starting to look into graduate school. I've got friends who are in graduate school, friends starting their careers, friends married, friends engaged... We're all growing up too fast, and sometimes the only clarity I get is in three chord songs about the past, and how things are changing.

The Copyrights are a pop-punk band from Carbondale, IL, and and this song is from their 2007 album "Make Sound". I bought it while I was living in Alaska from Vinyl Collective, listened to it once or twice, thought "Eh, this is catchy enough." I mostly settled on "Kids of the Black Hole" and never really listened to anything else off it. "Planet Earth Nineteen Ninety Four" came up on my iTunes tonight though, and I feel like it's worth sharing. Think of it as a reminder of your youth, and a reminder that the future isn't all mutual funds, bitching about your job while overpaying for drinks, or settling.

Here's the album version: