Monday, November 15, 2010

My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na

Reasons this video is great: wonderful outfits, fucking evil grant morrison, laser guns, and the best premise fucking ever.  I'm pretty sure the main influences for this are Turkish Star Wars and Mad Max.

"The video features a strangely garbed outlaw gang called the Killjoys (Gerard Way as Party Poison, Mikey Way as Kobra Kid, Ray Toro as Jet Star and Frank Iero as Fun Ghoul), who are being pursued in the badlands around Battery City by the sinister executive Korse (Morrison) of Better Living Industries (BL/ind) and his vampire-masked henchmen (the Draculoids); in between battles with Better Living, the gang are indulging in pornographic magazines, fast driving, and hacking vending machines. The Killjoys have a young girl as one of their members (her name is Grace Jeanette), who BL/ind is out to capture." - from the wikipedia article about the video

Get stoked.

(But what about the music, you whine? "Na Na Na" is a polished version of proto-punk, aggressive and sneering. It's catchy and high-energy. People will claim to hate it. They are lying to you, and themselves.)

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