Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sharp Darts for 03/22/11

Still stalling on writing about the subtle sinister nature of the new Mountain Goats record.  It's really good, is the short version.

Stereogum posted a new track from the Wrens, and a collaboration between Robyn and Teddybears.  The Wrens sounds like a missing track from "The Meadowlands," but no more or less.  The Robyn/Teddybears business is fun as all get out, even if "shake your bone-maker" is pure pop-nonsense.

Ben Weasel started some shit at SXSW.  Seems like he went on a misogynistic rant, got ice thrown in his face, and then punched two ladies.  Punknews.org has the video, and a bit more detail.  Mr. Weasel, you're a douche.   

Record Store Day is coming soon.  Check out a list with prices here, and here's a nice pic of the Piebald boxed set Rise Record is releasing.  We'll be waiting outside Reckless early to grab a copy of that and lord it over our roommate. 

Megaton Leviathan is coming to Chicago in April!  Get stoked!  Doom that's warmer than the flank of a giant sloth!  Tickets are $7 and you can get them here!  They've got a new tape coming out soon!  Check it out here!  We're excited about this.

Harry and the Potters announced their summer tour.  We'll be there with our lightning bolt temporary tattoos on.

Converge announced their summer tour and a split 7-in with Drop Dead.  OCIB will be coming out of mosh retirement for the Chicago show with Trap Them.

Our City is Burning is the most excited for this week. Liturgy, John Waters, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and Agalloch.  We might explode.

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