Monday, March 14, 2011

Sharp Darts for 3/14/11

Feeling vaguely exhausted after assembling, labeling, and stickering a bunch of 7-ins for Record Store Day, so here's some things that I've read/listened to recently and believe you should too. 

Pitchfork's got a pretty decent run-down of all the Odd Future albums here.  I'm still struggling to form a cohesive opinion on more of Odd Future's output.  Yeah, a lot of the time their subject is abhorrent and unsettling.  Is this something that should be rewarded, the ability to provoke so effectively?  Like I said, still struggling. 

There is a poem in the 2010 music issue of the Oxford American called “The Denunciation of Ricky Skaggs From On High,” by Steve Scafidi.  I really love the poem quite a bit.  You can read some of it here, and also read an interesting discussion about the poem functioning as criticism. 

Here's a new song from Gridlink!  It shreds, obviously.  It seems like almost a year ago when I saw them play all of "Orphans" at MDF, probably because it was.  Can't believe we've been waiting this long.

I recently saw local Chicago band Sun Splitter open for The Body this Saturday.  They were impressive, holding my attention even though I was entirely unfamiliar with their output.  Essentially, they sound like what I always wanted Nile to sound like, all war chants, and middle-eastern inspired doom riffs. They don't sound anything like Nile.  You can check out some of their stuff here, along with some new tracks from The Swan King. 

This is fucking happening, and it happens to be the same night as the Godspeed You Black Emperor! show I'm attending.   Dawnbringer wrote the best pure heavy metal album I've heard in a long time, and I'm really gutted to miss this. 

Speaking of Record Store Day, Thrill Jockey is putting out a split between Liturgy and Oval for RSD.  This will mark the first Liturgy release on Thrill Jockey, and given the two tracks(apparently "Returner" has been removed from Sound Cloud) that have been floating around the internet, I couldn't be more stoked. If you're in the Chicago area, you can catch Liturgy at the Empty Bottle next week opening for White Hills. 

Quick notes:  Saw Thou at the Albion House with Black September(who killed it.  What a great band.), and Hate(also good times) and I swear to god, Thou had the best sound I've EVER fucking heard at a house show.  It's like they designed their songs to work best in an environment where plaster keeps falling on your head and there's broken glass all over the floor of the mosh pit.  They only played five songs, but man, what a great five song set. 

Also recently saw Paul Baribeau, and he was fantastic as ever.  The songs from his last full-length are just wonderful in a live environment.  I do think I'm going to start bringing shears to folk-punk shows, though.  Cut the dreadlocks, kids. 

Hopefully soon I'll post my thoughts on some of the music we've been digesting here at the Our City is Burning headquarters.  Though, looking at the hectic weeks ahead(I'm seeing Black Breath, Liturgy, Andrew Jackson Jihad, GYBE!, and Agalloch all before April.), we'll see. 

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