Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Fever - All Thats Best of Dark and Bright

Holy fucking shit, I am so stoked about this song, this band. It's 3/4ths of the Suicide File, and maybe the bass player from Malbec. I've never listened to Malbec, so that's less exciting for me, but the motherfucking Suicide File is one of my favorite bands ever, so... yeah. Stoked.

"All Thats Best of Dark and Bright" start with the familiar roar of Dave Weinberg, which swiftly tempers into a more punk-ish sneer, with Neeraj's guitars sounding more Hum-ish than I've ever heard. Embrace is not the worst reference point. Neither is Fucked Up. Despite those opening moments, this is not the Suicide File mark II, but a new band, and I'm really really fucking excited to see where it goes. The gang vocals and the contrasting female vocals at the end totally seal the deal. I'm just so geeked.

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