Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rock Opera Tuesday!

Rock Opera Tuesday! This is not a regular feature, unless we become truely blessed and the rock opera becomes the dominant paradigm for rock and roll. Hit the jump for overly long nonsense and music videos!

First bit of news for Rock Opera Tuesday: The Protomen are releasing "The Protomen" (Act I)" on vinyl!

From the press release:

"On the night of July 9th, we're going to play a special show in Nashville, Tennessee, America, Earth, to celebrate the the fact that it's taken us nearly 6 years to release our first album, "The Protomen" (Act I), as a 12" LP. This special edition first pressing of 1,000 will be colored vinyl (split blue/red), and will include a 22" x 22" foldout poster of never-before-seen first album concept artwork, as well as a 10" x 10" stencil (so you can tag all kinds of "things that you own"). This limited version will also have the original endings of multiple jams (future pressings will not). Get them when you can. Because of the fancy nature of this occasion, we decided to ask our good friends The Non-Commissioned Officers to join us for party and tea. They accepted! This night will be the most fun.

Now, I know most of you may be wondering, "when can a person like me, who lives in Egypt, order one or twenty of those records on the lines?" The answer you seek lies here: The LP will not be available online until the morning after the release show at 10am Central (availability will depend on how many survive the night). And if all that isn't enough to get you all riled up booking tickets for all sorts of planes and your fancy rocket ships, maybe this will do the deed. We've decided to attempt a sort of live DVD (and maybe album?) recording for that night. And maybe you can be all up in it? Exciting, right?"

This is very exciting. For those not privy to the word, the Protomen write rock operas about Mega Men. Here's what we wrote about their sophomore album back in 2009.

In other Rock Opera news, The Indelicates have released their rock opera about David Koresh. It is entitled David Koresh Superstar and it is pretty darn good. We discovered through the hot tip of a Mister Kieron Gillen, and you should check it out here. It's very slinky and strangely charismatic, which is probably pretty appropriate.  They've got a music video too!  Here is it!

It's worth noting that "I am the unbroken circle, damn it!" is topping the our city is burning list of awesome lyrics for this year.

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