Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January In Chicago

2012! The year we get things horribly horribly fucking wrong!

Let's start killing it.

This Saturday, long-running Chicago grind stalwarts HeWhoCorrupts are laying down their logo-emblazoned USB drives and calling it a fucking day. They'll be playing at the Cobra Lounge, with Regrets and some other fucking rad bands opening. Also, maybe all their merch will be on sale?

Friday the 20th is a tough one. The Slow Death will be rockin' the Underground Lounge, Dowsing will be playing Howl's Moving Castle, and Ha Ha Tonka will grace the Lincoln Hall stage. We love all these bands, but haven't seen The Slow Death ever, so expect us there, emoting along with all those songs about being drunk.

Ghost FINALLY makes it to Chicago on the 24th. Expect lots of denim vests at this show. Blue Oyster Cult rules. I'm stoked.

The 25th brings doomlords Yob to the Empty Bottle, along with local supergroup Anatomy of Habit. It IS the middle of the week, though, and we are not as young as we used to be.

Kathleen Edwards is playing Lincoln Hall on the 26th. Her new album, with assists from Justin Vernon and John Roderick is streaming on NPR. It's wonderfully beautiful. I think this show might be the sleeper show of the month.

Overly-brainy-too-much-heart-tweepop superstars Los Campesinos! will be playing the Metro on the Friday of the 27th. We've been underwhelmed by their last couple of albums, but the chance to hear "You! Me! Dancing!" might get us the shell out the $20. The addition of the Parenthetical Girls does sweeten the pot quite a bit.

and Delay will be playing a house show on the 28th, which will be awesome. Traveling is the side-project of Good Luck's Ginger Alford, and their demo from last year was a high-point.

LASTLY: Baby Teeth will be playing a record release at Schuba's on the 30th. It's $6, and Baby Teeth is one of Chicago's great secrets. Go to this, dance, ignore the fact that almost the entirety of Schuba's clientele are worthless yuppie scumbags.

Chicago! Killing it.

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